Toronto Travel ✈

Back by popular demand... Hockin Holiday blog posts. This probably means I'll write one then run out of time to do more, but here's a short summary of our first day 😊

Thursday 7 October

Our flight left at 1pm and we arrived in Toronto 30 minutes ahead of schedule at 3.25pm local time. Security was breezy, two of our three bags arrived straight away and then we, naturally, had to wait another 30 minutes for the third 😒

… Once we’d got through 6 million
security checks
James panic bought airplane drinks
They let us in!

We checked into The Delta Hotel, which is in a great location, near the harbour front with fab views of the CN Tower from our room on the 22nd floor.

CN Tower
Loo with a view! 🚽

After unpacking we wandered down to the Harbour Front and then on to ‘Hoops’ a Sports Bar for a quick dinner.

Blockhouse Bay
The Power Plant Art Gallery
Tired but happy 😴
Also, the glow of a 126 inch plasma TV reflected on my face

After watching Philadelphia 76ers beat the Toronto Raptors 🏀 we headed back to the hotel so James could complete his post-flight beauty regime.

Aaaand Relax 😌

The day in numbers:

  • Miles flown – 3,547
  • Hours awake – 21
  • Pairs of shoes packed by Ev – 8
  • Pairs of shoes worn by Ev so far – 2
  • ‘Celebrities’ spotted – 1 (Anthea Turner, we think 🤔)

Highlight of the day

For James, the holiday had
peaked at Toronto Airport

Oh wow! You can choose which notes they split the cash into!

James Hockin, age 39

The day in 90 seconds ⬇️

Toronto Day 1 in 90 seconds


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